Alternative fuels for aviation are clean (conference talk)

Not only replacement fuels for aviation are compatible with low emission combustors: it is recommended to use these together. 

This statement is the synthesis of a literature review combined to the results of the European project called Alfa-Bird. This task was conducted by Jaana Rajamäki from CBOne. Alfa-Bird (2008-2010) was dedicated to alternative fuels for aviation. This study closures our participation to this great project, and our results will be presented at the International Symposium on Air Breathing Engines in South-Korea, September 2013.


Jaana Rajamaeki, Fabrice Giuliani from CBOne
Johannes Fritzer, Franz Heitmeir from TU Graz
About low emission combustion with replacement fuels (Paper review)
ISABE 2013-1333
Busan, South-Korea, Sept. 9-13 2013

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Are replacement fuels for aviation compatible with the current aeroengines? (conference talk)

CBOne presented at the 12th Symposium on Energy Innovation the test set up organised at TU Graz for the systematic comparison of fuels sprays for aviation.

This study was realised within the frame of the ALFA-BIRD European project. An airplane produced nowodays will fly at least 30 years. The question asked by the aeronautical industry is whether it will also be able to fly with replacement fuels that have the greatest chance to deploy during this time-frame.


Giuliani, F. and Fritzer, J.
Verdampfung von Bio- und Alternativkraftstoffen für die Luftfahrt
TU Graz, 15-17th February 2012


Link to the Symposium: click here