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Solutions for a better combustion

You have the fuel, we have the spark!

Combustion Bay One is an engineering office specialised in advanced combustion management,
 situated in Graz, Austria.


Less fuel consumption, less pollutant emissions, more flexibility, more safety for your thermal facilities.

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The name Combustion Bay One highlights the idea of experimental facilities towards a better combustion. In short CBOne. 

Research and Development is our key asset at CBOne. Some call it the Combustion Engineering. Some clients call it our Magic. We name it our job. 


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Picture Gallery


It is always a pleasure when a longtime unseen friendly memory suddenly pops-up

Pacman says hello in cubismus style in the middle of the "Eclipse" routine, a numeric free surface calculator of a nozzle periodically chocked by a cogged wheel, a new feature of CBOne's siren configurator, to fine-tune the pulsation's shape as a function of the client's expectations.

Simply Blue 



Learning by doing: if the specs of borosilicate glass indicate temperatures of use up to 1500 degrees C, the softening temperature is actually 825 degrees C. This is the beginning of our career as glassblowers apparently :)

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Introducing CBOne

Combustion Bay One e.U. is the first engineering platform in Austria designed for Research and Development on advanced combustion management.

Publications 2019-2020 were written by the following people: Nina Paulitsch, Andrea Hofer, Markus Stütz, Vanessa Moosbrugger, Fabrice Giuliani


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